Sleeper’s Guts

Sleeper’s Guts

Notes for Sleepers Guts

Seaman/Forsythe Exchange

over the pacific (weave of the airline trajectory) 26 / 09 / 95 (part 2)

just sitting here in sydney - 9 / 10 / 95 (part 3)

a attraction / architecture / association / algorithm / arresting / angrily

b bearings / branch / borderline / bellow / border / breathing / bobbin / breakdown / beauty

c code / controls / change / clue / countersign / clamour / chirp / claim / consider to be / chess /

crowd / circulatory / conductor / call / caller / counterpoint / cultural

d desire / cry

e elevated / endgame / exchange / ephanies

f focus / find / frame / flame / (3) fold / frenzied / foreign / formula

g glance / gently / game / gleen / gesture

h heighten / halation / hamper / hindrance / hint / hail / humour / housing

i instantaneous / ignite / information / illuminate / instrument / if

j justifiable / juncture / jumble / join

k keep / keen / knight / klepto

l luminous / loom / looming / lexicon / lovingly / lookups /

m man / motion / metaweave / mobile / motion

n number / no / negative / name

o on/off / outlet / outstanding / outcry / ordain / open book


p point(s) / positive / path / portend / pull / placeholder / punning

q quotient / quietly / quickly / quilt

r response / rest / resume / reference / rouse / request / rotation

rule / reaction

s strings / shuttle / shutter / signal / state / song / suggestion / spin /sodium or salt /

striking / sign / shout / summons / stalemate / scanning / stream / spoke / sexual / spotter

t trigger / then / thread - tREAD / turing machine /

u unison / undress / underneath / undone

v valence / violence / verbal / visit / vertiginous

w woman / weave / wall / warmly / way / weaving

x marks the spot / exit / x coordinate

y yes / yell / yellow / yank / yesterday / y coordinate

z zeno's paradox / z coordinate







Le Cresion, a French author:









an algorythm has a function



an algorithm is a machine of words

a set of operations

one can die from an operation

a dance is a purposeful/purposeless machine of motion space sound silence trajectories

Lao Tsu - actionless action

a motion - sign language - forms words from motions

see dictionary / thesaurus definition of sign


see dictionary / thesaurus definition of signal

see dictionary / thesaurus definition of call

the call can be a code signing

the sign language must be fabricated out of a meaningful set of developed code motions. The

code motions are developed by the dacers reactions to specific code words as translated into


algorithm for the signing / reassigning / singing re assigning

song of the motion

sign = hint

sign = clue

sign = suggestion

sign = symptom

sign = portent

sign = gesture

sign = countersign

signal = outstanding

signal = arresting

signal = striking

signal = sign

signal = motion

call = shout

call = outcry

call = clamour

call = chirps

call = hail

call = bellow

call = cry

call = summons

call = claim

call = visit

call = shout

call = telephone

call = summon

call = name

call = consider to be

call = rouse

call = request

call = ordain

if the caller makes a dance as a call then the call should be:

shout that becomes a dance

outcry that becomes a dance

clamour that becomes a dance

chirps that becomes a dance

hail that becomes a dance

bellow that becomes a dance

cry that becomes a dance

summons that becomes a dance

claim that becomes a dance

visit that becomes a dance

shout that becomes a dance


telephone that becomes a dance

summons that becomes a dance

name that becomes a dance

consider to be that becomes a dance

rouse that becomes a dance

request that becomes a dance

ordain that becomes a dance

hint that becomes a dance

clue that becomes a dance

suggestion that becomes a dance

symptom that becomes a dance

portent that becomes a dance

gesture that becomes a dance

countersign that becomes a dance

outstanding that becomes a dance

arresting that becomes a dance

striking that becomes a dance

sign that becomes a dance

code motion that becomes a dance






What controls the song is not the people but the singing

What controls the dance is the not the people but the dancing

what controls the controls is not the people but the controls

the controls are defined by reaction to a code

this reaction defines a movement by the dancer

this movement becomes a translation of the code

What controls the dance is the not the people but the dancing

The Ketjak or Balinese Monkey chant works as follows:

3 people or groups (or more) very quickly make a short sharp "Ha" sound, as soon as this happens the

next group does the same sound, then the third, then back to the first - making a kind of very quick

chain reaction pulse - perpetual motion machine - this could be a set of motions which trigger around

four quartets and continue.

What frames the border of the path?

Very large silk flags black and white or Red and white or red and black

The path is a metaphysical term - one becomes one with the path

on a grid of 16 points the on's and offs at any one moment form a set of points or trajectory or complex


a conceptual point is made

The border of the path is the edge of the moving body as it describes its trajectory.

this may be engaged while in motion or pushed away or avoided

Repulsion / Attraction

the tools used to lime / line game fields - white line walked with tool

define a salt line with this apparatus

The dancer becomes a kind of 'moving' pun in that the code words (translated into motion) set up a

state which must simultaneously relate to all functioning binary triggers. All elements in the process.

Drawing with lawn mower - the removal of a line


the shortening of bodies in a field form a line

a set of dancers fold to form a line

The edge of every line is a border

a fence or forcefield forms a border

A borderline idea approaches the periphery of a concept

Borderline humour presents an almost funny concept - on the edge of humour

A humour is the moist part of the body

Certain behaviours could be termed borderline - psychotic

There is a man who walks down the street and barks at all those who pass.

"That guy is borderline"

where sense borders nonsense. Nonsense is a contrasting critique of sense.

A grandfather clock with the pendulums removed

laid on its back

looks like a coffin


you frame a proposition

the description of the algorithm is a frame

the frame is described through motion

the frame is described linguistically

the frame is the rule set which gets applied via the code words

the rule set could be defined "on the fly"

things could be left "up in the air"

the rule set could be triggered

generated by the algorithm

self writing code

self generating AI - re-embodied intelligence

at john hopkins university in the 60's the "beast" robot was able to "find"

an electrical socket and recharge its own battery. outlet which recharges the battery of the dance

chain reaction pulse moves - perpetual motion machine

If a frame is the loom - what are the threads

If the frame is the loom

then a punch card or gesture of the weaver defines the pattern.

[if/then] is a common in computer language

If the frame is the loom then the fabric is built of motion

there is always motion on the molecular level. Thus all being is a perpetual motion machine

This motion is formed of weaving

drunken walk

boxer motion

side to side motion

If the frame is the loom

then the physical structure of the dance embodies the frame


if we say the conceptual frame of the dance is the loom then we look through the perspective of the

loom to define a set of fields of meaning.

we need food clothing water shelter

the loom was constructed to facilitate clothing

became abstracted into the computer as we know it

the fabric of pure logic...

picture the stage as a giant loom - warp and weft

the shuttle carries the thread across a series of parallel lines

back to front of the stage

the weave is the visible residue of the process - the process informs the pattern in the cloth

if the dancers motion is a thREAD

the dance will be made of crossings

back and forth / up and back / up and down - single or multiple colors

to spin a yarn

the thread of the story

threads in a plot

the dancer weaves a story

the threads of the story come together to make up the book

the book of motion

lines of code are like the threads of a driven story - the algorithm

If these lines or "strings" as they are called in computer jargon

refer to the proccess of writing or weaving the code.

Then the notion of a meta-algorithm or self generating algorithm is explored. This kind of logic forms

a meta-frame.

When the cloth is removed from the architecture of the loom - the border is defined where the past

actions/intersection existed.

If the fabric of the meta-weave holds the instructions to define the potential weave, a kind of feedback

- perpetual motion process...

the output defines the future input and in turn the output, we have developed a recursive loop,

cursive / writing in motion

or the fabric is the code which holds the instructions to make more fabric.

If a variable is thrown in the fabric will be altered...

beside the states of the 16 bit number - or quartet of quartets, a code word like bobbin or shuttle

could define a motion state "to move across the stage and back progressively toward the front of the


also lines of force could be defined from the front to the back of the stage.

thus this bobbin or shuttle would also function to illuminate or frame the actions of the "number"


a code word is both itself and something else (or a number of elses).

It is a compression of meaning and simultaneously a trigger of potential meaning [motion]. It is the

dance and the trigger of the dance. It is the chain reaction as dance. A series of moving nodes in the

weave describe the fabric of the dance. It is one body / one cloth of motion over time. the bodies move

to form a resonance with the meta-code.

When this is happening we say the dance number is moving.

what tools construct the frame

numbers, letters, breath, synapse, sodium.


a set of chosen reaction motions which pun on the key words act as triggers for other motions or

motion loops

breathing is central in defining the level of the elevated state

breathing is binary

breathing may be exaggerated.

the entire stage may be breathing as one

iron lung - mechanical breathing

the alphabet also functions as a signifier of some chosen parameters

if w = warmly

and a = angrily

and l= lovingly

and f = frenzied

and g = gently

and f = fold

then wall is both wall and





and wall could also be a code word which triggers a particular motion

thus the compression of the key word is "3 fold"

if the word is also a pun then we begin to set in motion the poly-dimentional resonance - the fold of


we fold the meaning of the threads in on themselves triggering from a simple set of variables a very

complex pattern over time.

The fabric of the dance folds over on itself.

salt is the alchemical symbol for purging - lines of salt

begin with a field of salt.

as a boy I climbed on giant piles of the salt stored for the winter road snow clearing.

we focus on the code to purge ourselves of the codes which stand over us.

We become one with the energy and transcend the code through an abstraction/compression of the


The salt could be on a very large cloth which is lifted and removed.

The algorithm is set in motion

This "set in motion" defines an algorithm

The definition of chosen words becomes the code which drives the algorithm

The definition of this 'set in motion' defines itself as we come to understand it.

there is no starting point or ending

We choose a point in time to build the frame


A starting and ending can be defined.

An endgame is a kind of ending

A stalemate is a dance

chess also uses 16 players

There are some common openings for a chess game


Chess is an algorithm

knight - up one, over two / up two over one / back two, over one / back one over two

Bishop - diagonal across open space

Rook - line across open space

king - one step in any direction ( or castling)

Queen - any direction


Any dancer can achieve an elevated state and become the conductor of desire.

16 Candles

Take fragments of the song - dice loop rebuild

16 Flames

16 lanturns

16 flashlights (very long with many batteries)

define a catalogue of rules.

apply the rules of sport to the dance

code word athletics

this could be intercept

don't allow you opponent to cross a line

dive and stretch

What defines the Border of the Path

very big flashlight path - 7 c batteries

I have batteries of changing desire and angles - 69 Eveready

also a number of flashlights in a line - pointing up - Speer reference

a line of motionless dancers

A line of dancers in motion

a long scrim - the fog line

a line of led

luminous tape activated with particular lighting

a line of newtons or power books

held beneath the dancers face or body proximity to illuminate particular sections / actions - isolate

focal point of motion

Thus all of these luminous fragments would motion in on/off states.

Transparent shower curtains / black shower curtains

Quartet Codes / Machine of The Analogical Meta-Algorithm

code words act as instructional triggers

numbers and/or an alternate set of code words define locations that respond to the code words

the sites are place holders or bits

in the center of the stage is a very large square

this square is divided into 4 smaller squares

and each of these is in turn divided into 4

thus an internal grid with 16 squares - 4 x 4


16 external positions (anywhere on stage outside of the square)

for the Callers or Signal sites

1 site for The Conductor of Desire States

The notion of the code functions as a pun / on a number of levels

The dancers within the grid become a kind of analogue algorithm


the dancers are a code {in themselves} which has behaviours

the dance is a similar to an a life program which has a set of parameters but in itself unfolds

based on reactions to the rule base


Nonsense is used to generate a bridge.

A machine of exchange is fabricated.

A machine that constructs itself.

A machine that comes to know the nature of displacement.

A machine that needs no instructions when the incorrect word is applied.

A machine that makes advances when it inadvertently regenerates.

A machine that fabricates sense when only part of a message is received.

A machine that finds itself.

A machine that casts doubt.

A machine that is constructed entirely of negative connotations.

A machine that triggers laughter.

A machine that becomes luminous.

A machine that falls apart.

A machine that sings.

A machine that makes an elegant impression.

A machine within a machine.

A machine that understands when a pun is used.

A machine that doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

A machine that points at itself in disbelief.

A machine that comes alive.

A machine that stretches the boundaries of a physical event.

A machine that is not what it appears to be.

A machine that takes a colloquialism literally.

A machine that describes another machine.

A machine that executes a global change.

A machine that delivers misunderstanding.

A machine that fabricates a mistake.

A machine that beats around the bush.

A machine that becomes afraid of itself.

A machine that constructs intentional mis-communications.

A machine that informs itself.

A machine that describes the rules governing the extension of artificial intelligence.

A machine that becomes a window.

A machine that is designed to alter itself

A machine that is designed to react to physical events happening out of context.

A machine that transcends physicality.

A machine that casts light on material which is not what it appears to be.

A machine which casts materials in a new light.

A machine that doesn’t give itself away.

A machine that becomes part of a disruption in normal syntax.

A machine that explains how paradox functions.

A machine that expresses itself through non-verbal gestures.

A machine that becomes transparent.

A machine that triggers a chain reaction.

A machine that transmits at the speed of light.

A machine that applies the knowledge of its own limitations intelligently.

A machine that generates substitutions to be used unexpectedly.

A machine that fabricates sense when any kind of mis-communication throws off the


A machine that uses nonsense to generate bridges.

the 4quartets make up a 16 bit number

the 4 quartets are made up of the following sexual variables

male/male no/no or -- or off/off or 00


male/female no/yes or -+ or off/on or 01

female/female yes/yes or ++ or on/on or 11

female/male yes/no or +- or on/off or 10

male/male no/no or -- or off/off or 00

male/female no/yes or -+ or off/on or 01

female/female yes/yes or ++ or on/on or 11

female/male yes/no or +- or on/off or 10

but may reconfigue to all one sex

rotation schedule -

caller proximity - any place holder in the dance code

can enter the caller proximity

the code is mobile

the code is in motion

the code circulates

the code is a circulatory system

any number...

sing a number

the caller can set off a trigger which sends a wave through the synthetic molecule or code object made

up of a16bit number (16 places of on /off or Male / female)

thus a total of 32 dancers 16 male and 16 female could be used

if one wants a line of all zeros or all ones at any one time

or 8 female and 8 male

the numbers or place holders can change states at any time

the dancers can change states from active to rest

from male to female (play with gender codes)

(on the web gender is fluid)

fuzzy logic has a third number which affects the binary

this third number might be the foreign person mentioned below

the states are altered through reactions to the caller or signal site by the bits or place holders,

the caller can be [barker, spruiker, announcer, soloist, musician, recorded media, text, images - signal


the dancer can also signal the caller

like a kind of shifting of valence in a synthetic molecule

conductor of desire states

this conductor signals all the callers and bit place holders simultaneously, sets off motioning...

becomes the stimulation which begins to drive the desire algorithm

the conductor of desire states can signal the following:

a unison

a rest or change in state or an action (movement)

a change in position to a new number site (all 16 may be crowded onto one site)

attraction / repulsion can be equated with the binary pair (combinations of genders)

specific moves (to be developed) code motions

The Caller Signals

this is done through a code word / gesture / motion / or sound and position number (1-16) spoken in

french / german / spanish / english / japanese?


the position

a code word or words may also be used to designate position numbers

(example) I want to develop these words much more specifically but something like this...

quartet a (English)

1 = housing

2 = stream

3 = crowd

4 = oscillation

quartet b (French)

5 = pivot

6 = fall

7 = state

8 = attraction

quartet c (German)

9 = repulsion

10 = elevate

11 = fold

12 = collapse

quartet d (spanish)

13 = hindrance

14 = pull

15 = scanning

16 = spoke

(see cipher below)

If a caller calls out the word “Housing” or “1” then position 1 on the 16 square grid gets affected

the positions are delineated through four sets of four squares

as well as a set of positions for the callers

there is also one conductor of desire states position

the callers may be elevated

the conductor of desire states may also be elevated

elevated can mean via a platform or lifted as in ballet or a particular state or mood - an elevated state

this conductor triggers a motion of desire on the part of the dancers

the conductor may draw from various desire related cultural readymades

sexual stories or phrases - become carriers of code words

historical stories or phrases - become carriers of code words

advertising fragments - become carriers of code words

movie fragments - become carriers of code words

a random number generator might call out the position numbers or function as a caller

somtimes two or more messages get confused - an agitated state of shift is triggered - i.e. two or more

code words are delivered to a single position at the same time

the conductor may trigger specific fragments from a videodisc (visual/sonic/textual)

a random mode may be scanning the fragments on the disc

the disc may be playing linearly

4 screens may present place number and code words with superimposed over images to drive the

algo/quar(s) short for algorithmic quartets

there can be up to 16 elevated callers

as the number of callers elevates

the motions / sounds -responces


become clipped

no decay

a kind of quick cut in motion / like changing channels very quickly

the callers speak/ sing / respond in different languages based on their position:





these might be culturally loaded signal languages also relegated to positions in culture

I would like to see a short wave radio also added as a Japanese Caller

or japanese traditional dancer?

or pre recorded japanese text / dance

a jesture, motion, sound, word or task may function as a call

the caller could also be screen based text, image, sound, gesture etc.

the dancer might wear a screen or signal apparatus as a hindrance

the forigner may also become a human hindrance

computer screen strapped onto two poles

providing a word or image hovering above the dancer

or a screen may be part of the set related to a specific site

(or computer strapped onto sleeve)

this might be a beeper or other ubiquitous computing device (newton)

the caller could also switch roles with the signal conductor

the notion of electricity (sound or light) should be attributed to the conductor of desire states

a cd with a set of calls could be pressed with a series of location pointers

or trigger signals

the cd player could be set on random, defining the prerecorded calls

these calls could be sung

the basic gestures / motions could be limited for each dancer or site

as well as the code words which trigger changes.

A scecific vocabulary of punning motions - I spoke of these motions

These words could be hidden or camoflaged within the text.

In the spy movie the spy writes down words on the white tablecloth

thus there may only be the following:

16 actions

a state of activity or

a state of rest or

a change in position (function) from place holder to caller to conductor

calls may also be sung/chanted in unison

an outsider or foreigner may trigger the callers to act in unison to expell / purge from the code this

virus/foreigner or the foreigner may be assimilated into the code in some manner

or the foreigner may function as a kind of disruption to the code (physical)

the conductor of desire can make all callers and dancers move in unison

based on a preconcieved signal - a specific violin passage

or signal call

a chart on the wall may function as a key

the dancers may have to scan the key before they move

it is hoped that the dancers would memorise the key so movement becomes spontaneous (there may be

people with different access to the code)

code initiates

the look ups may be exagerated as part of the overall motion


a specific code word would trigger waves which are abstracted and cycle 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5

to 6 to 7 to 8 etc

see picabia’s gun which hits a target and triggers the pulling of a trigger which in turn hits

the target

the notion of the Perpetual Motion Machine -

this might be triggered by the conductor - very quick chain reaction motion (balenese

monkey chant) but abstracted - delivered as a pulse (240 bpm) -

a wave of chain reaction movements circulates through the binary binaries

the foreigners move outside the official code positions

they are the spirit of desire without bounds / bond /

bondage of cultural codes

they may freely move to any position and comment on the motion / sound in a meta manner or

exagerated manner / or do what they will

bird calls pitch shifted down could be a signal

morse code could be a call

violins could be a call

violins of pulse or morse code could translate the codes

each translating the same but at their own pulse

sound of fax machine pitch shifted down

sound of mechanical printer pitch shifted down

translations of translations make up the fugue

dancers react to calls based on a specific set of rules

these could also be expressed as

the quartet...


_______ = 1 x 4 (anything over itself equals one) stage 2 levels


the one motion makes a kind of cycle around the positions

the notion of round could also be accessed

these rules could be made known or kept secret to the audience

these could also be long rectangular channal / set of 4 screens could be showing the codes as a

backdrop with specific positions on the screen to relate to the functions of conductor / caller / place or

position holder

cultural positions could relate to the malic moulds

elongated shapes or lanes may be used instead of squares - thus the on /off state could be the dancer

dragged from one state/place to the other

or these could be on another part of the stage

these states also relate to polarities - attraction and repulsion +/-

a call could stimulate this action of dancers moving together or apart

very much oversized semaphore flags 12’ square

the callers may read/sound/gesture part of a culture (story)

cultural readymade

Cipher Wheels


The man entered the stolen number.

The man means a young woman.

Entered means exited.

Stolen means left for good.

Number means musical instrument.

Young woman means small child.

Exited means left alone.

Musical instrument means code of codes.

a large projection of the cipher wheels text, could take on the functions of the conductor of desire

the position of the dancers relates to the positions of words of the cypher text. The dancers (may)

watch their spot in the text.

They can choose to relate to the callers or to the cipher wheels

the cipher could really be a large beautiful set of wheels with words on them which get activated by a

dancer but fall as they may.

one armed bandit... slot machine...sexual pull / trigger

Cipher Wheels

The man - position 1 trigger

entered the stolen number - position 2 trigger.

The man means a young woman - position 3 trigger.

Entered means exited. - position 4 trigger

Stolen means left for good - position 5 trigger.

Number means musical instrument - position 6 trigger.

Young woman means small child - position 7 trigger.

Exited means left alone - position 8 trigger.

Musical instrument means code of codes - general state trigger?.

multiply this x2 for the quartet of quartets.

this text would be developed with a series of substitutions for each of the elements.

these would be a set of specific puns like “entered”.

find a punning gesture?

find a gesture which has vertiginous means

find a geture which can be translated into a set of spokes.

oscillating meaning

oscillating means

the 4 dancers could be spokes each relating to the same caller in different ways

these elements will be puns

these elements will function as various triggers.

Cipher Wheels

The man entered the stolen number.

The man means a young woman.

Entered means exited.

Stolen means left for good.

Number means musical instrument.

Young woman means small child.

Exited means left alone.

Musical instrument means code of codes.

the insturment entered the stolen woman

the woman means a young child

... just substitute these as a closed system from one sentence to the other

make a machine or write a program to facilitate this substitution


or hotwire a thesaurus (or just use a computer look up live to abstract a word off into a pivot meaning

dragging advances and retreats

hindrances - a dancer may generate a hindrance

an attached object may become a hindrance

a cultural readymade may become a hindrance


the exchange may be pre ordained [defined]

the exchange may be sexual

the exchange may be cultural

breakdown - too many calls generate a breakdown in the code system

the conductor of desire may have a kind of restart code or motion when things become chaotic

the system moves from simplicity to chaos with returns to simplicity

beauty is allowed


epiphanies when encountered could be isolated (via a spot light)

and repeated

one person could function as the spotter of ephanies

when ephanies are spotted and pointed out they could fall into slow motion or loop for a period of time


looped action / word / sound - analogue or

this might be a camera with instant ability to isolate the occurrence and to replay - generate a loop

I think this could be done with sony worm drive or abacus system

slow motion sports cameras have a huge number of frames and allow a gesture to be distended out to a

very long (almost still / motion)

water falling

a person diving from the elevated position of the conductor of desire

this might be a dive as in jacknife or a jump as in suicide

this loop could be based on a duration= to the pulse

because the actions are minimal / permutational -

they could easily be pre-recorded and triggered from videodisc

a kind of parallel epiphany commenting on itself

if the dieng swan accompanied itself in a different state (illusion within the illusion)

define the stories which camoflage the code words...

a story about the Turing Machine and Turing’s life of persecution as a homosexual

a story about Ada and the first computer

a story about Descarts mechanical doll

a story about the function of nonsense in the memory theatre

a story about how Hitcock would always enter his own stories or edit together this (abstract) make

negative video.

a story about the enigma code and how it was broken

a story about viruses in biological computers

a story about dna as a code

a story about holographic memory

a story about how synapses work in terms of human memory

a story about genetic engineered materials

a story about the violent breakup of a couple

a story about how the dancers make up a series of 16 bit numbers which are in fact the potential digital

coding of this event

behind the desire conductor - various raging fires


other Notes triggered From Our Conversation

A quartet of binary binaries

a quartet of duo-binaries

4 people

4 quartets

one mic for each station

mics - use 40’s mics - contact mics - parabolic mics - cordless strap on heads

use large sculptural megaphones on pivoting heads (for some moments)

generative grammar of motion suggestion



ADA’s weave


physical weave

conceptual weave

box and weave,

drunken weave - driving

threads of the story

threads per inch

Jacquard loom


fugue of fugues

octet of binary fugues

counterpoint of body motions

woven motions

fugal / fungal

tangle weave

tangled web

oh what a tangled weave we web

web / weave the space in light

the WWW

spanish / english / french / german


foreign / foreigner

info cultural - parasite translate / substitution sets

use a cultural host

eat out a cultural host

eat out the inside and discard /

or use only what is needed to sustain motion

Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude - Focault

the exacting thrill of vertigo’s valances

scanning -

visual scanning (observation) /

scanning frequencies -shortwave scanning /

medical scanning - magnetic resonance

define a series of code words


quing system

qued vinyl

line up


counterpoint | movement | sound by movement | text | reorganization


algorythm - if this that

The valfarity of address

think what the thing is not

David Liebskin - the Unoriginal

alphabet metabet polybet megabet


alphabet betabet deltabet gamabet

vocabulary of motions

linear architecture | mobile architecture /

collision architectures - accelerator sites - subatomic physics

floating rules

channel where rules are on boats which float

sink or swim

everything but the kintchen sink or swim

define a rule set

define the code

rotating encryption


meaning code



see a goastly counterpoint

dragging advances and retreats




beauty is allowed


minimal structure

cypher wheel

means entered

puns spoken spokes

orchestra of actions

fugue of actions

hybrid theatre/music

cultural host - replace meaning

Still Point of TS Eliot 4 quartets

Turing machine

tight spots on details

through layers of scrim - for the ghost look

4 binary binaries

a quartet of binary binaries

8 sets of male/female