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(Re)sensing the observer

A Multi-perdspective Approach to Knowledge Production - Kybernetes

Neosentience and the Abstraction of Abstraction

Art - Science relationalities

Notes and Observations on Artificial Games

Combinatoric Micro-Strategies for Emergent Transdisciplinary Education

Computational Creativity | A Multi-perspective Approach

Generative Works_From Recombinant Poetics to Recombinant Informatics

Motioning Toward the Emergent Definition of E-phany Physics

Emergent Relationality System

Endophysics and The Thoughtbody Environment – An outline For a Neo-computational Paradigm

The Engine of Engines – Toward a Computational Ecology

Exchange Fields_Embodied Positioning as Interface Strategy

Recombinant Poetics - Media-Element Field Explorations

Four Transcultural Case Studies

A Generative Emergent Approach to Graduate Education

Generative Works_From Recombinant Poetics to Recombinant Informatics

Hybrid Architectures - Media/Information Environments

Notions of the Hybrid_A Particular Hybrid Educational Methodology / RISD Digital Media

The Hybrid Invention Generator — Assorted Relations

The Illusive Nature of Context_The Negotiation of the Thoughtbody

Toward The Creation of an Intelligent Situated Computer and Related Robotic System_An Intra-functional Network of Living Analogies

A Partial History of Emotions and Some Potentials and Problems Surrounding the Exploration of Artificial Emotions

A Many-perspective Approach to Knowledge Production

Toward the Production of Nano-computers and in Turn, Nano-related Emotive Virtual/Physical Environments

Neosentient Architecture Generator

Neosentience – A New Branch of Scientific and Poetic Inquiry Related to Artificial Intelligence

Consciousness Reframed II Nonsense Logic and Re-embodied Intelligence

OULIPO | VS | Recombinant Poetics

From Neosentience to Recombinant Informatics – A Research Overview

Pattern Flows | Hybrid Accretive Processes Informing Identity Construction

Poly-sensing Environment for Poetic/Informational IT System

Re-embodied Intelligence

Recombinant Poetics_Emergent Explorations of Digital Video in Virtual Space

Recombinant Poetics and the Database Aesthetic

Recombinant Poetics

Re-embodied Intelligence

Anticipation | Computational Creativity

(Re)Thinking − the body, generative tools and computational articulation

Pattern Flows_Notes Toward a Model for an Electrochemical Computer - The Thoughtbody Environment