Fragment Constructions(Audio)

Bill Seaman “Fragment Constructions” ABC Radio, Sydney Australia, The Listening Room produced by Andrew McClennan


Music by Seaman produced by John Jacobs, ABC Radio

Fragment Constructions explores a hypnotic set of interwoven poly-valent texts ... Spoken and/or sung by Bill Seaman. Produced by Andrew McLennan

The Design of the Grip - Alt. version with Text

Bluprint of Sand

Seaman voice, samples and instruments
sex machine substitution set
classic collisions entertain
the alchemy of everyday noise
particle reallignment, defines the frame
the sequence of triggers
delivers the library of constellations
throwing chance with helping hands
the revery installations
forming the architectonic base
a dance of displacement
fragment constructions and subtle relations
find housings and replacements
the design of the grip
the grasp of the keys
mapping the voice of displacement.