The Design of the Grip

The Design of the Grip


The Design of the Grip (1989), a nine channel video/sound installation with written related text. Significant in this installation was the concept of the "sound pun" - where one sound was used as "folie" for 9 different simultaneous images. In these early works film was shot and transferred to video exploring particular qualities of light, as well as choreographed landscape and architecture. Often texts in the work explored puns, word plays and poly-valent language. The material qualities of both film and video were manipulated for these works exploring both slow motion and pulsing stop motion techniques.

A text – The Design Of The Grip was handed out to accompany the work.
This later became the lyrics to a song of the same name.

Audio was recorded with A SASS – Stereo Ambient Sampling System stereo mic and recording of the Music by Seaman was done with a Synclavier.

Presented at the ICA in Boston
Key words: sound pun, folie, multi-channel