Bill Seaman

1987, 3 min, color, sound

Using associative imagery, Seaman creates an unsettling world of buildings and objects, devoid of people. Juxtaposing static shots of stone buildings on "sheer" mountain sides with images of empty rooms, a ladder tilted against a wall, and a reflection of a car rounding a curve, Seaman suggests absence, unbalance, and the mystery of the everyday. A pair of hands clasped together, folding and unfolding, links the images together much as Seaman juxtaposes them for the viewer. Scissors on a table echo the "cutting" that is prevalent in Seaman's work, and provide another allusion to the title.

Music/Camera/Editing: Bill Seaman.

Description Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix

Seaman won the Monte Verite Invitational Prize Locarno, Switzerland and was invited there to make a new work. This is what I made in residence. This work was shot on location. I was playing with the intermingling of different themes and word/image puns. I also included some differing games played with the hands.

Concepts: word/image puns, effererality of video in relation to stone architecture, abstraction of games played with the hands, architecture, duchampian readymade tropes.