Architectural Hearing Aids

Architectural Hearing Aids

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Architectural Hearing Aids, a collaboration with the now deceased artist Carlos Hernandez, explored the relationship of actual architecture to sound, text, sculptural and performative elements. One might call this an early example of "Augmented Reality" Or “Locative Media” A series of sound systems were installed in a Cherokee Chief wagon including a speaker on the roof of the vehicle. A one hour and fourty minute tour of San Francisco and the Marin headlands was driven on 21 evenings. Three participants per evening were driven on the tour. Seaman had composed music to augment and/or qualify the meaning of the architecture. Many architectural landmarks and vicinities in San Francisco were included in the tour including tunnels, the swerving Lombard st., the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts were just of few of the building observed. Seaman described the work as an "Inverted Film." The music qualified the viewing of the environment which was being treated as a massive Duchampian readymade. Seaman provided a live mix from a series of tape recorders in the front seat.

Key concepts: inverted Film, San Francisco as Readymade, music composed for specific locations, anti-beats to make the timing fluid, multiple sound systems, speaker on roof for tunnel listening