Various Tools with D. Hoover, K. Davidson, M. Fortuna San Francisco, California

Various Tools

Bill Seaman with D. Hoover, K. Davidson, M. Fortuna 1979

Various tools was a performance work that used tools from the wood shop as musical instruments. A series of slides of nudes were shown on a large garage door. Outside of the door was a truck which had its muffler removed. The performers, D. Hoover, K. Davidson, M. Fortuna each improvised on a different tool – turning it on and off, and/or making a rhythm by hitting something. At a certain point the grarge door opened up and the truck drove in. The engine of the truck was floored and it reved louder and louder until it finally backfires – at which point the audience screamed thinking it was an explosion of some sort.
Key words: noise, tools as instruments, the history of nudity in art, the sexuality of tools