How to Revive Dead Roses Linear Video

How To Revive Dead Roses


Aiding Agriculture Sonically

Bill Seaman 1979

I’m afraid the old one folded naturally under the pressure of time.
Now we have new models which are a bit more portable /
Formal Wear/ Dress Code/ Tape Shorts/ Electrical/Masking/Friction /
Obsolete Shields From Scientific Advances /
Fragments From the Book
2500 Years Of European Helmets
By The Late Howard M. Curtis
My Mother’s Brother - 2/26/27-9/2/79 /
Shortening / A Question of Probability /
Pre-adolescent Phase On Why I Loved
To Play M.D. / Boy And Girl / I Have
Batteries of Changing Desires And Angles /
Photo Misinterpretations In and About N.Y. /
Shine-O-Matic Guitar (Now And Then) /
Music From Dental Check Ups (Now And Then) /
Standing Still - Changing Context /
Utilizing Misunderstanding /
(Thank You For Assistance Tony Labat)
(Thank You For Electric Guitar D. Westby)
(Thank You Four Tops For It’s The Same Old Song)

Key words: Marcel Duchamp, Rrose Selavy, puns, word plays, utilizing misunderstanding, ancient reel to reel video