Making a Path Where Before There was None

• 1979 Device for Architectural Inversion - proto-locative media

Making A Path where Before There was None,

An Ode To The Pensive Artist

Bill Seaman 1978

This was a work done in conjunction with Chris Burden’s class, the class he taught at the San Francisco Art Institute.
I set up two stakes and walked back and forth for 8 hours. A path was literally worn.
I was interested, in displaying both a seriousness and a sense of Humor . The reference to the “Ode” also pointed to it as a proto-musical – a kind of sung poem (made in deference to Silence – Cage’s 4’33”)

Later, DNA Hoover, a close friend, filled in the path and technically erased it. We often refer to the Erased DeKooning Drawing that Rauchenberg had done in 1953 as a comparative work (to that of Hoover).